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Smart video tools for brained cities

29 September 2018, 16:05

Starting as a small software company in 2006 and continuing like a Swiss-Romanian enterprise, HyperMedia kept focus on rich internet applications, video collaboration tools, multimedia interactive systems, cloud computing, big data, mobile development and web platforms.

This is the way HyperTalk came to life as a robust and powerful technology – a video collaboration framework easy to customize and quickly adopted by professionals acting in consultancy, healthcare, sales, education and training, HR, or IT, as well as business entities, universities and colleges, or public administration.

Some of the HyperTalk tools are going to be presented during IMWorld 2018: HyperTalk WebMeeting, HyperTalk Webinar&LiveEvents, and HyperTalk HelpDesk.

Why HyperTalk Tools can be considered useful for my business?

HyperTalk WebMeeting is ideal for individuals, small and mid-sized businesses or large enterprises. It has proven to be a convenient tool in day-to-day communication that greatly enhances productivity and reduces time-to-market. Based on a set of advanced tools for multi-point HD video conferencing & IM, content sharing, video recording and streaming, BYOD, it enables customized business meetings, coaching and consulting sessions, team collaboration, video recruiting and interviewing.

HyperTalk Webinar&LiveEvents is a powerful tool in any business arsenal, as hosting own events should be a smart business development strategy in attracting new clients and sustaining business growth. The business entity can easily showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products and services during a webinar session.

HyperTalk HelpDesk is an effective tool for sales, technical support, or customer service. By integrating this service into the company ecosystem, the business representatives streamline the customers’ web experience with the company. It allows the sales agents to directly approach customers with a mouse click whenever they have an interest on the products or services the company provides.

What these tools provide?

HyperTalk tools are already adopted by professionals and SMEs in the following domain: business and its areas – marketing & sales, human resource management & career development, consultancy – education & training, healthcare, banking & insurance.

HyperTalk WebMeeting allows the management team to increase the productivity and improve the management communications: reducing travel costs and unproductive travel time, providing remote assistance through the entire production flow, ordinary meetings about management stuff, as well as more interface at all levels.

Webinar&LiveEvents guarantees the enhancement of marketing techniques and continuous growth of customers’ number. It allows the marketing staff to invite the specialists during the live presentations, as well as to control live broadcasting sessions from different areas within the company, if needed.

HyperTalk HelpDesk allows the customers to speak directly with the company employees face-to-face over HD audio/video right from the company website without any software, instead of investing in expensive traditional toll-free hotlines. A face-to-face discussion over a video call can quickly contribute to building up a direct relationship with any types of customers.

The HyperTalk tools are provided on premises/cloud: the website (www.hypertalk.net) is dedicated to professionals acting in different domains while HyperTalk CaaS (Collaboration as a Service) and on-premise licenses can be graphically and functionally customized for business entities, universities and colleges, as well as public institutions. An advanced internal mechanism allows the beneficiary to integrate the HyperTalk tools with the own website, ERP platform or CRM components.

What about cost effectiveness?

The HyperTalk main advantage is cost effectiveness.

HyperTalk WebMeeting reduces the travel fares and unproductive travel time, as well as traditional expensive per-minute based toll-free numbers while speed decision-making enhances the productivity. Ordinary/management meetings, remote assistance and video interviews are just a small part of the WebMeeting applicability to different areas.

HyperTalk Webinar&LiveEvents tools are less expensive than producing or attending the events; they offer a much wider reach due to their virtual nature. Nevertheless the recorded webinar content continues to exist for extended usability after the webinar is finished, increasing its efficiency.

HyperTalk HelpDesk help reduce traditional expensive phone calls by redirecting incoming customer sales and service calls to the web site. Audio/video calls redirected to the company contact center from its website are completely free.

Can I attend the video sessions from anywhere?

The HyperTalk tools for Android and iOS platforms guarantee mobile access to the video collaboration services for employees and customers: schedule meetings or launch an instant one, send invitations just like sending an email or a text message.

In the office, on the road or at a client’s site, our mobile and desktop apps keep you connected to your team and synchronized to the latest documents and tasks.

How to integrate the HyperTalk tools within smart city infrastructures?

Many reports about smart city highlight healthcare, economic development, education, energy, mobility, security, water, waste, engagement and community as the key areas where quality of life can be enhanced through the integration, deployment and adoption of existing advanced solutions.

HyperTalk framework provides with generic and specific components easy to customize and deploy within smart city ecosystems: WebMeeting, Webinar&LiveEvents, or HelpDesk, already described above, HyperMed as a powerful telemedicine application, HyperEDU as a comprehensive e-learning platform or HyperCareers as a reliable career development system.


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